Monday, June 15, 2009


We were at the airport today seeing off our friend Rebekka, who is moving back to the motherland (Holland).  As we passed the "meditation" room, which is marked by a sign showing a person kneeling, Lyla points to the sign and says, "daddy, he do head, shoulders, knees and toes" and then proceeds to sing the entire song while doing the motions.  Apparently to her a kneeling person looks a lot like someone dancing to a kids song.  I love how children's minds work.  Lyla has been spending lots of time in her kiddy pool recently.  What better way to beat the sumer heat?  Oh for the days when all it took to stay cool was sitting in six inches of lukewarm water.
Couple personal notes.  First, Hold Me Now, a track off the new Hillsong United album is amazing.  The words are so powerful and evoke a wonderful image of the big picture.  It was a great way for Father to gently guide my focus back to where it should be.  Secondly, with the end of the Redwings  playoff run, and boy what a crappy way to go out, I was able to trim my playoff beard.  I figured I may as well get a haircut as well, seeing as how it is incredibly hot and humid here.  Initial reactions are in, and apparently I now look ten years younger than I did a few short days ago.  Which begs the question, how old did I look before?  See for yourself. (Unfortunately, in the only recent picture of me I have a puppet bear on my head.  Does that make one look older or younger?)



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  1. haha, head, shoulders, knees, and toes..amazing!
    Nice haircut too, it hasn't been that short for a while!