Wednesday, April 22, 2009

YAY, Videos!!

Here are some recent videos of Lyla. Some are from her first Jacksonville Suns game, and the other is a sample of how Lyla likes to play.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back to the grind

After our relaxing time in California, it was a difficult to dive back into work. On the bright side, it has been a very productive week and a half. I completed a big SOFM recruiting push and have half of the speakers locked in. It feels good to be making progress. Please pray for students to take the school.
Our Easter was a day of joy. Celebrating that Jesus is risen with our family at GCA was awesome. Jonathan picked a great set of songs reminding us of the life and power that are ours as a result of Jesus' resurrection.
Tuesday night we took Lyla to her first Jacksonville Suns (Marlins AA team) game. We went with two of her favorite people, Cacca (Kyle) and Sneaky D (Danielle). It also heppend to be Family Feast night so we enjoyed 50 cent hot dogs, peanuts and icecream. I'll try and post some videos from the game soon.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Feels good to be home!

Yesterday morning we returned from a whirlwind trip to California. We had a great time visiting with family and relaxing.
Our trip started off with a bang, literally, when our flight from Jacksonville to Houston was struck by lightning about halfway through the flight. Fortunately it didn't cause problems and we arrived on time and in one piece. Upon landing in California we headed to one of our California faves, In-N-Out. We quickly discovered that Lyla is a HUGE fan of In-N-Out cheese burgers and strawberry shakes. In between bites she dubbed Brody "Bro-bo" which I lovingly morphed into the moniker "Bro-bo Baggins."
Saturday afternoon we headed south, with a little apprehension, to spend a few days in Mexico with Leslie, the boys, and the Gerken family at Vanessa's grandma's trailer. Despite reports to the contrary it was very quiet and peaceful. We enjoyed a couple days of tacos, fellowship and the beach. Lyla loved playing in the sand, watching her uncles surf, and getting to skip nap time. I greatly enjoyed the game of beach football I played with the Wood and Gerken boys. After returning to Beaumont we were able to spend a few days kicking back and spending time with extended family.

Friday morning Pete and Jackie came up to spend the day with us. We enjoyed breakfast at Riley's Farm, a farm where they do colonial era reenactments. For the record, their pancakes are amazing. We spent the rest of the morning at the San Bernadino County Museum. Lyla loved the hands on animal exploration center. She got to pet a rabbit and touch a baby Ball Python. She also loved the mammal exhibit. It was very old-school with stuffed animals set up in scenes from their natural habitat. She was running from display to display shouting with glee and telling us what animal it was when she recognized the animal displayed. Friday night we hung out with some of the Lanari clan.
Saturday was crazy. We woke up, packed and then headed off to Channel Islands to see Skylar's campus. UCCI is located on the grounds of what used to be a mental institution. Needles to say it was a super peaceful atmosphere. Had I gone to school there I would probably have never gotten any work done because I'd always have been off in a quiet corner reading a good book.
After we finished touring the campus we drove down to Anaheim to go to the Angel's final spring training game. It was Lyla's first baseball game. She absolutely loved it. The game turned really exciting when the Padres came back to take the lead in the top of the ninth. Then in the bottom of the ninth, after Lyla had donned Casey's rally monkey, the Angels rallied with two outs, tied the game on a crazy play and won it when the next batter stroked a single into center. BEAUTIFUL!!
After the game we headed to In-N-Out one last time and headed to the airport to head home. After flying all night we arrived back in Jacksonville Sunday morning around 10:00. After arriving home, Lyla decided she wasn't tired anymore so we went to the BBQ at Grace church celebrating their fifth anniversary. All in all it was a great spring break!