Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back to the grind

After our relaxing time in California, it was a difficult to dive back into work. On the bright side, it has been a very productive week and a half. I completed a big SOFM recruiting push and have half of the speakers locked in. It feels good to be making progress. Please pray for students to take the school.
Our Easter was a day of joy. Celebrating that Jesus is risen with our family at GCA was awesome. Jonathan picked a great set of songs reminding us of the life and power that are ours as a result of Jesus' resurrection.
Tuesday night we took Lyla to her first Jacksonville Suns (Marlins AA team) game. We went with two of her favorite people, Cacca (Kyle) and Sneaky D (Danielle). It also heppend to be Family Feast night so we enjoyed 50 cent hot dogs, peanuts and icecream. I'll try and post some videos from the game soon.

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