Saturday, February 27, 2010

The fun of Parenthood

So, every night before bed there are a couple things Lyla expects to happen. One, is the telling of the classic Princess and Frog story, and the other is me singing Come Lord Jesus Come, which she calls the "Princess Song" because one time I used it with a story about how a princess would sing it when she was scared to remind her that Jesus was with her. The two videos below are Lyla's take on these two things.

Lyla Tells a story from Aaron Herrema on Vimeo.

Lyla singing "Princess Song" from Aaron Herrema on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Big 5-0

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the start of Youth With a Mission. As a family we have now been involved with YWAM for almost nine years. Sometimes it's hard to believe everything God has done in our lives, including meeting each other, through YWAM. I watched this video the other day that YWAM Kona did to celebrate our 50th year. Check it out.

The Flame Goes Forward - Celebrating 50 Years of YWAM from YWAM Kona on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

goings on

Life has gotten crazy busy over the past month YWAM Jacksonville once again has a Discipleship Training School (DTS) running. There are 11 young people here seeking to learn more about Father, to grow in their faith, and to see what God has for them. I am leading the guys small group and I feel blessed that Father has brought such an amazing group of students for this DTS. Lyla loves having all these new friends around to play with. We're counting down the days till the newest member of our family arrives. The pictures below are of the dts.