Thursday, October 15, 2009

The High Points

Yesterday I experienced one of the greatest things a parent can experience. For the first time, we got to hear the heartbeat of our baby (due April 26). Even though I've experienced this before with Lyla, it was still exhilarating and also a giant relief. Having gone through two early miscarriages, being at twelve weeks and getting to hear that fast-paced thumping of the heart was amazing. Lyla is also very excited about becoming a big sister, though she has no clue what that entails. Her new favorite phrase is, "daddy, mommy! Baby's getting bigger!"

Unfortunately not all things this week have been as fun. Monday night while walking Gunther I tripped over an unused power line anchor and tore a gouge out of the top of my foot. This led to four hours spent at the emergency room waiting to get five stitches. I'm sad to say that I failed to take a picture before going to the ER. Happily, the anchor ended up losing anyways. JEA came and removed it the next day. Take that ya metal piece of junk!

This is the anchor that attacked me

We've been having lots of family fun over the past couple weeks. Vanessa always seems to be the one behind the camera. Guess I need to take more pics. Here are a couple pictures.

I love that this picture makes it look like Danielle has freakishly long legs

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