Friday, September 4, 2009

Towards the end of July we decided to take an unplanned trip to Michigan to visit my family. We left Friday afternoon and arrived in Jamestown mid-morning on Saturday, much to the surprise of my parents, who had no clue that we were coming (thanks Jennie). Lyla did really good on the drive up, even though she didn't sleep much. We had a very relaxing, but busy, time in the country. Lyla loved spending time with her aunts, uncles and cousin.  I finally got around to going through the pictures so here are a few highlights.

This is what happens when one jumps on a trampoline in their diaper.

Lyla with great grandpa and grandma Jolman

Monday night we went to a Whitecaps game. Lyla, as usual, loved every minute of the game. She seems to think that every team is called the Jacksonville Suns, which she loves to chant while pumping her fist in the air. She does the exact same thing when we're watching a game on TV. 

Beware the two-headed monster!
Tuesday night we had an impromptu birthday party for Lyla. It was good to see relatives and family friends we hadn't seen in a while. Lyla enjoyed the party atmosphere.

Thursday we were able to visit John Ball Zoo. I was amazed at how much it has improved since I was a little kid. Lyla loved watching the penguins, wolverine, and snow leopard, all of which we can't see at the Jax Zoo. 

Lyla & her cousin Patience
Friday Lyla went blue berry picking with the girls. While I wasn't there I could tell how much she enjoyed in by the blue stains all over her hands and face when she came back to the house. 
While we were there Lyla also got to see baby cows and learn how feed chickens. 

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